USB Microchip KIT149 PIC Programmer


  • This is a brand-new USB port PIC programmer. It is fully compatible with the popular Kit 149 PIC programmer .

  • It also includes an advanced six-pin ICSP pin header.
  • It takes power from the USB port and generates various required Vpp voltages via an onboard DC-DC upconverter IC circuitry, thus NO AC/DC adapter is required .

programmer support :

10F200 10F202 10F204 10F206

12C(F)508 12C508A 12C509A 12C671 12C672
12C(F)509 12CE673 12CE674 12F629 12F675
12CE518 12CE519 12F683

16C65A 16C77 16F76 16C622 16C773
16C65B 16C710 16F77 16C83 16F84
16C66 16C711 16F737 16F87
16C66A 16C712 16F747 16C621A
16C67 16C716 16F767 16C774
16C620 16C745 16F777 16F84A
16C620A 16C765 16F83 16C621
16C505 16C622A 16C84 16F88
16C554 16C71 16F627 16F818
16C558 16C71A 16F627A 16F819
16C61 16C72 16F628 16F870
16C62 16C72A 16F628A 16F871
16C62A 16C73 16F630 16F872
16C62B 16C73A 16F648A 16F873
16C63 16C73B 16F676 16F873A 16F57
16C63A 16C74 16F684 16F874 16F54
16C64 16C74A 16F688 16F874A
16C64A 16C74B 16F73 16F876 16F877
16C65 16C76 16F74 16F876A 16F877A

18F242 18F248 18F252 18F258
18F442 18F448 18F452 18F458
18F1220 18F1320 18F2220 18F2320
18F4220 18F4320 18F6525 18F6621
18F8525 18F8621


This about how to use KIT 149:
1,First you need to download and in our website.
2,Extract the file to your desired directory ,Click "SETUP" to install MicroPro K149 software.
3,Connect a USB cable between the board and your PC.When you first inserted USB cable can see picture 1:

(picture 1)


Note:maybe need install usb driver twice same.

4,After the drivers' installed, connect a USB cable from the PC to the programmer board.

click "my computer"-->"properties"-->"hardware"-->"device manager"-->"ports",can see picture 2:(this picture display is COM3.different USB port is different COM port.for example COM3.COM4.COM5.COM6.COM7..)

(picture 2)


5,Now run MicroPro.exe.Click [File] ->[proprammer]->select[K149_BC] , Click [File] -> Port or double click the COM x label on screen to bring up the COM port window. Select the COM port that you selected for use for USB communications while installing the driver,see picture 3,then OK.

(picture 3)

Note:When using the USB interface, always turn the programmer on before starting MicroPro.exe.When finished with the programmer, close MicroPro.exe then turn off the board.Failure to use this power up sequence may result in a stalled PC because of the non responding USB port.


More help also can view MicroPro software:click "DIY K149-BC V141204" -->"help"-->"contents"

Note:when you click"help"-->"protocol",display:"Micropro P018 Firmware,System mismatch,please use old Micropro to update firmware to match new Micropro"this message is normally.I test protocol check also is this message(open picture).use is ok.this message no problem. don't updata firmware!

  you can download software from website 1 or website 2:  
download from website 1 : download from website 2 :
Download MicroPro software
Download usb driver
  if you use other windows system,you can try download and install this USB driver:
EMAIL: picworld* ("*"need change to "@")