Computer control relay via USB( USB multifunctional meter & tools )

Description: This brand new relay controller is a high quality, A general purpose Relay board for connection to a PC's USB port.There's no need for tricky set-ups - simply connect the board to your PC's USB port using the included no need setup USB devices.this is USB multifunctional meter & design using pic18f4550 hign quality chip. computer software design using DELPHI7.

1,computer via USB control relay
2,USB One Channel Relay timing control(now is updated 24 Channel relay timing control,update time:2009/06)
3,Square Wave Signal Generator
5,8 channels voltage meter(0-60V)

This about how to use:
select power supply as photo:you can select USB power supply or adapter power supply,if you want to use relay preponderate over two,best use output adapter power supply, Input power: 6VDC rating for 500mA or higher .


Software Interface:

1,computer via USB control relay:
software "1""2""3""4" control relay1,relay2,relay3,relay4 on or off.
maximum can control 24 channel board only use four relay.

Relay parameters :
7A / 240VAC
10A / 120VAC
10A / 24VDC (120VAC)

Relay board Dimension :
80mm/62 mm/18 mm

2,USB One Channel Relay Unit:
via setting time control relay"1",three on and three off.first select time,"-"denote not use this time control,as below picture meaning:
time 01:01-01:02 relay"1" will on, time 01:02-01:03 relay"1" will off.
time 01:03-02:03 relay"1" will on, time 02:03-03:04 relay"1" will off.
time 03:04-01:02 relay"1" will on, time 01:03 later relay"1" will off.

3,Square Wave Signal Generator:
"menu" select "wave_out",output pin:PCB label "FB" and "GND"
generant square wave signal:5HZ,10HZ,50HZ,100HZ,200HZ
thereinto select "200KHZ,1MHZ,2MHZ" ,hardware board should reset.

"menu"select "counter",input pin:PCB label "JS" and "GND"
normal this pin is low level,if have TTL high level signal counter will add one.Tachometer display is one second time counter number.

5,8 channels voltage meter:
"menu"select "voltage",input pin:PCB label "AD: GND,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8"
can at the same time test 8 channels voltage.voltage test range:0-60v.use example as follow photo:this is to test usbtools own power supply voltage.

  you can download software from website 1 or website 2:  
download from website 1 : download from website 2 :
Download software 1
Download software 2 (24 Channel relay timing controller)
Download usbtool delphi7 source code
Download circuit picture
  about how to use 24 relay timing controller  
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