Microchip PIC JDM Programmer

HARDWARE (Programmer)
1. Use the Serial Port Cable provided.
2. Connect one side of the cable to the programmer and the other side to the serial port of the computer.
3. Plug in the microcontroller at the socket:
- 8P,18P chip put in 18P ZIF locality.
- 28P,40P chip put in 40P ZIF locality.
- The chip first pin align handle .
program 24cxx chip:
- The 24cxx first pin align 40P ZIF pin '17'.
*CAUTION* The microcontroller should never be plug in the wrong position!

SOFTWARE (use WINPIC800,I have tested this JDM programmer also can work at IC-PROG software,but WINPIC800 is best)
1. Download the WinPic800 3.57 in our website.
Extract the rar file to your desired directory (e.g. D:\program) and you should see the following in the automatically created \WinPIC800 folder:
(1) WinPic800.exe
(2) winXP Driver folder
(3) Languages folder and few support files.
2. Open the WinPic800 folder and run the WinPic800.exe. (double click on it,don't only copy WinPic800.exe to your desktop,because run need other files)
3. Go to Setting > hardware, select JDM Programmer then Apply Edit.
4. WinPic800 will auto detect the device each time it is started if the PIC is already plugged on the programmer or you can detect it manually by selecting Device>Detect Device (or click on the icon provided)
5. Then try to open the .hex file that you created. You will see the Address-Program Code area being filled with the program and the Configuration automatically updated.
6. When everything is ready. Select Device > Program All or Press Control + P' to start programming your device. A pop-up window will appear to indicate the programming result.


Configuration Bits Settings:
for example to program a PIC16F877A:
Under -osc-,osc>=4M select HS.
Under -cp-, select 0000h-0FFFh.

  4,Click Device-->Program All to program the PIC.  

Read /Program/Verity/Erase

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