Microchip PIC JDM Programmer with 40 and 18 Zif Socket

program PIC chip:
- 8P,18P chip put in 18P ZIF locality.
- 28P,40P chip put in 40P ZIF locality.
- The chip first pin align handle .

program 24cxx chip:
- The 24cxx first pin align 40P ZIF pin '17'.



  • This programmer is a Microchip JDM PIC programmer which works through the PC's serial (RS-232) port.

  • It uses PC's Serial Port as the power source, requires no externel Power supply.

  • It works with a Windows based software, supports Windows 2000 & XP.

  • It supports the Microchip PIC 12Cxxx, 16Cxxx, 16Fxxx and 18Fxxx devices.

  • Best for PIC developers, and school projects.
Devices Supported List:
16C61 16C62 16C62A/B 16C63 16C63A 16C64 16C64A
16C65 16C65A/B 16C66 16C67 16C620/A 16C621/A 16C622/A
16C623 16C624 16C625 16C71 16C72 16C72A 16C73
16C73A/B 16C74 16C74A/B 16C76 16C77 16C710 16C711
16C712 16C716 16C745 16C765 16C773 16C774 16C923
16C924 16C925 16C926
10F200 10F202 10F204 10F206
12F629 12F635 12F675 12F683 12F508 12F509 12F510
16F627 16F627A 16F628 16F628A 16F630 16F636 16F639
16F648A 16F676 16F684 16F688 16F73 16F74 16F76
16F77 16F716 16F737 16F747 16F767 16F777 16F83
16F84 16F84A 16F87 16F88 16F818 16F819 16F870
16F871 16F872 16F873 16F873A 16F874 16F874A 16F876
16F876A 16F877 16F877A
18F242-2439 18F248 18F252-2539 18F442-4439
18F258 18F448 18F452-4539 18F458 18F1220 18F1320
18F2220 18F2320 18F4220 18F4320 18F2331 18F2431 18F4331
18F4431 18F6520 18F6620 18F6720 18F8520 18F8620 18F8720
18F2410 18F2420 18F2455 18F2480 18F2510 18F2515 18F2520
18F2525 18F2550 18F2580 18F2585 18F2610 18F2620 18F2680
18F4410 18F4420 18F4455 18F4480 18F4510 18F4515 18F4520
18F4525 18F4580 18F4585 18F4610 18F4620 18F4680
24C01 24C02 24C04 24C08 24C16 24C32 24C64
24C128 24C256 24C512
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