IR Remote Control Code Analyzer (NEW)
1 high-accuracysurvey,The sampling resolution is up to 0.1uS ,To meet the control requirements of the manufacturer.
2 Data and waveform display ,Very easy to use.
3 Four channel waveform display ,Convenient waveform comparison.
4 The computer display wave,This is a lot of oscilloscope reach.
5 Products include PT2262 wireless interface.
6 Support for up to 270 level of sampling ,Support for virtually all remote test.
7 Waveform data storage, access, sharing.
8 Support Win98, WinMe, WinNT, Win2K, WinXP, Win2003, Vista.
9 Wave amplification,narrow,display the corresponding waveform data.
10 Remote control production test function,Improve production efficiency,Ensure product quality.
11 when Test Mode,can choose the voice prompt,Set the level range ,Waveform length limit ,Change of name and other functions.
12 Production test data can be saved ,open.The next time you use can be used directly.
13 Products compact, elegant appearance.
14 Product price is low, can replace the expensive imported equipment.
15 Support for simplified Chinese and English two languages,Convenient foreign users.
16 Products using USB2.0 communication ,Without installing USB driver,plug and play.
17 A variety of operations, software will prompt,The user can easily master the use method.
18 Acquisition accuracy and computer transmission speed ,High precision ,More reliable.
About how to use:
Step 1. Software to download and install:

Download the latest version of the software, directly open software you can use. There is no need to install the USB drive, need not install software.

Step 2. The use of operation:
when Insert the USB line,software display 'USB connected'. And by the hands of the remote controller for about 1-2 seconds
Computer can immediately show the waveform and data .When the mouse is moved to the waveform position, can display the wavelength data,Like 'channel 2 2L_4486.2', '2L'this is a representative of the second low level,'4486.2'representative level width is 4486.2us.
Such as display multiple channel waveform, Waveform display below the wavelength data is the last measurement data.
According to the data automatic generation software standard infrared binary code and the sixteen code , As follows:
channel 1:(Lead code)+11000011 11110010 00000000 00000000 00000100 00000010 00000100 00000000 00000000 00000100 00000000 00000000 01001101
HEX data: C3 4F 00 00 20 40 20 00 00 20 00   00 B2
Hex code and the sixteen code data conversion between the: Because the infrared remote control to send D0 low waveform data,
So format is 'D0,D1,D2,D3,D4,D5,D6,D7'.
"Distinguished Encoding proportional coefficient" (1-60 integer, and generally set around 20), used to distinguish between code 0 or 1, = (low length / high level length) *10.
If the code display "11111111.. (FFFFF)", can increase the "Distinguished Encoding proportional coefficient" value:
If the code display "00000000..", can reduce the "Distinguished Encoding proportional coefficient" value:

Remote control production test:

First select the software: 'Function'-->'IR test for factory'
1, remote learning mode : To use the left mouse button to select the key to learning,Selected after the keys scintillation,
At this time by remote control, Key will stop blinking, 1 keys to learning. Other key learning method for the same.

When the key is flashing,Can choose the 'limit test level number' ,Because the test of remote control does not need too much level number,

So only to set the level number is compared to the test. Each key can be set up.
When the key is flashing, Set key, support for Chinese character input.
When the key is flashing,According to 'clear key' can be removed to learn 1 keys.
'Test pass range'20%:Refers to the received remote control level wavelengthIn the learning remote control wavelength +/-20%.
2, the remote test mode: Upon completion of study,click 'test mode' button. We can test the remote control.When the remote controller is tested by time, Key color change, And in the text box to display the test results.
When the test can choose whether to use the voice prompt.
download from website 1 : download from website 2 :
Download IR Remote Control Code Analyzer software
The software update time: 2013 September


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