IR Remote Control Code Analyzer
  1.The IR SAMPLER is designed with high-speed micro-controller and high accurate measuring.
2.Receive the signals directly from the remote controller ,need not to destroy the remote controller when testing.
3.The intact wave-form can be showed clearly and steadily on the computer, this is that most of the oscilloscope can't realize.
4.It can test the width of pulse, the length of code, Number of bits, lead code, system code, key code, repeat code, etc
5.Users can define the methods of decoding by themselves.
6.Save the history notes voluntarily.
7.Support 38KHz signals.
8.It can test frequency of carrier.
9.Support up to 2 seconds sample period.
10.There are 4 channels for showing the wave-form ,and it's easy to compare for wave-form , each channel can work in one of six modes.
11.Support up to 100 kinds of formats.
12.The program run under Win95, Win98, WinMe, WIN2000 or WinXP.
13.Users can save, review and share the wave-form.
14.Zoom in, Zoom out, showing of average value.
15.Showing of invert waveform..
16. Users can drag the waveform from showing window to favorite box and save it.
17.receive correctly the commands from TV, VCR, VCD, DVD, air-condition remote controllers. Etc
  How to use?
About how to use:
Step 1. Setup software
First setup software --> insert USB cable and RS232 cable into computer (USB port is power supply,RS232 port is communications)
Step 2. connect the RS232 port (COM1)of computer by RS232 cable,then select it to COM1.Then open the power.>click .

Step 3. select mode :
1,Normal 160 Pouse Mode: can display long wave.
2,Air Conditioning 80 Pouse Mode: Use for air-condition remote controllers.
3,Bach check Mode: can Bach check remote controllers.

Step 4. Transmit an IR signal to sample by any IR remote controller, 1-3s later ,the waveform of signal can be seen on the window.

usual use question:
If "tab you can see that some flashing LEDs when crushing the button on the remote, but the program does not receive. "
can check:
1.IR Remote Control Code Analyzer need incept 80 pouse IR signal,than transmittal once data to need press adown IR remote-control unit key 2-4 second till PC display wave.some remote-control unit need quick press IR key adown and quick press IR key up repeat till PC display wave.

About batch check control mode :
Down Key number -1 (confines 1-40)
Up Key number +1 (confines 1-40)
Learn Learn IR signal to this key
Rename you can rename the key name . default name is "key 1" --"key 40 " .
Wave file saved is text format .
you can download software from website 1 or website 2:
download from website 1 : download from website 2 :
IR analyzer software download
EMAIL: picworld* ("*"need change to "@")