MPLAB ICD2 In-Circuit Debugger & programmer

1, Setup software and USB Drive: Install MPLAB software --> connect a USB cable from the PC to the ICD2 --> display : " find new hardware " --> " auto setup " --> " Next " --> "ok"


2, Connect ICD2:

Select ICD2 as programmer: (programmer-->select programmer --> 2. MPLAB ICD2) ===> select Device: (configure-->select Device ) ===> Download ICD2 Operating system : (programmer-->Download ICD2 Operating system) ===> connect : (programmer-->connect) ===> OK!

correctly as follows :

4, About message:

this message is natural, when remove USB cable (wait "plink" ones)-->software set "programmer-->"connect"-->then insert USB cable(wait "plink" ones)-->software set programmer-->connect-->OK!

Solutions Before remove USB cable ,should select (programmer-->select programmer --> None ) or (Debugger-->select tool --> None )

"connect chip later will clear.

If have this message,first:this message not effect ICD2 function.Solutions look "programmer-->settings-->status-->run self test",adjust VPP to(12.6v-13.3v),take the place of 13.3v(becouse it often have 13.3v-13.6v),can add an 78L08(5.1v+78L08=13.1V as photo: ),or use a 12v.

If ICD2 USB not work(insert USB cable no sound),this is a ICD2 bug,if happened need program pic18f4550 in ICD2,this about how to program 18f4550 chip.commonly ICD2 will ok!

(if all the time connecting)

Solutions close MPLAB software --> remove usb cable-->insert usb cable -->wait 1-3s-->open MPLAB software-->connect ICD2.


5, How use ICD2 to Program :

Use ICD2 to program: configure-->select Device--->programmer-->connect --->imput HEX file(File-->Import) --->configure-->configuration Bits( Low voltage program must is disable). >=4M select HS, <4M select XT--->programmer-->program or: . ---> OK!


6, How use ICD2 to debug :

ICD2 Debugger : (configure-->select Device ) ---> (Debugger-->connect) ---> (File-->Import) ---> (configure-->configuration Bits) ---> (Debugger-->program) ---> (view-->File Registers) look file. (view-->Program Memory )look RAM . . (view-->EEPROM )look EEPROM .

Requirements For Debug Mode:

To debug (set breakpoints, see registers, etc.) with the MPLAB
ICD 2 there are critical elements that must be working correctly:

MPLAB ICD2 must be connected to a PC. It must be
powered by an external power supply or the PC via the USB
cable, and it must be communicating with MPLAB IDE
software via the RS-232 or USB cable. See the on-line help
for details.
The MPLAB ICD 2 must be connected as shown to the VPP,
PGC and PGD pins of the target PICmicro MCU with the
modular interface cable (or equivalent). VSS and VDD are also
required to be connected between the MPLAB ICD 2 and
target PICmicro MCU.
The target PICmicro MCU must have power and a functional,
running oscillator. If the target PICmicro MCU does not run ®C
for whatever reason ®C MPLAB ICD 2 cannot debug.
The target PICmicro MCU must have its configuration words
programmed correctly:
- The oscillator configuration bits should correspond to RC,
XT, etc., depending upon the target design.
- The target PICmicro MCU must not have the Watchdog
Timer enabled.
- The target must not have code protection enabled.
- The target must not have table read protection enabled.


"12F629/675 16F630/676 16F627A/628A/648A 16F716 16F684 16F688 12F635/16F636 12F683" these chip debug need the ICD2 header adapters,way do I need the ICD header adapters?

If ICD2 con't input debug mode,can use simply program and circuit to test ICD2:
this is simply debug 16f877a circuit.

IF pic chip have avss and avcc pin,should connect it to GND and VCC(for example 18f6720 dsp30fxxx ..).


7, Use program board:(can use ICD2 to program pic 8p,18p,28p,40p,chip)

- 8Pin,18Pin micrpchip chip put in 18P ZIF locality.
- 28Pin,40Pin microchip put in 40P ZIF locality.
- The chip first pin align handle .

Use ICSP mode:

6---VPP/MCLR 5---VDD 4---GND 3---RB7/DAT 2---RB6/CLK 1- RB3/LOW(none used) ( Location see up photo)

for12cxxx chip£¨RB6=GP1£¨RB7=GP0°£
for 16f57 chip, 17pin=DAT,16pin=CLK,2pin=VCC,4pin=GND,28pin=VPP.
for 10fxxx chip, 1pin=DAT,2pin=GND,3pin=CLK,5pin=VCC,6pin=VPP.

  more help can view: "MPLAB IDE" software-->"help"-->"topics.." -->"MPLAB ICD2 "-->"ok"  
  If the target design board use big current (>200ma),please use a output adapter for your target design board power supply.  
  you can download software from website 1 or website 2:  
download from website 1 : download from website 2 :
MPLAB ICD2 In-Circuit Debugger User's Guide
Download ICD2 USB driver
Download ICD2 schematic and firmware hex file
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