Visual control system development:
1) computer software. Using computer software to control the machine work, so the computer is a must. You can use the low price of computer, and reduce the cost.
2) microcomputer control system. Computer through the USB and MCU communication to control the machine.
3) CCD camera and USB adapter. The image acquisition.
4) mechanical system (your own design).
  This system, what can it do?
Mainly in order to repeat the work instead of people. But also better than others do!
Specific work ability:
Through the camera to measure the object's position, size, location, color and so on.
Can be judged products have no scratches, whether the trademark leakage stickers, packaging is damaged
The manipulator can find the position of an object, like machine with eyes,
The machine into a real high intelligent era.
For example, automatic punching machine if you can detect hand not below, won't have so
Many accidents happened.
For example, the table has a lot of marbles, it can use the 0 second time quick count
, could tell what color a few, people never make it.
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