USB to RS232/UART TTL/RS485 Converter module (FT232BM/BL)
  PCB size:66mm*36mm  

The USB provides an easy method of connecting TTL to RS232 signals on PC via a USB port.Ideal for microcontroller circuits. The design uses Future Technology Devices Intl Ltd's (FTDI)FT232BM/BL chip. The FTDI website provides the USB drivers for a virtual com port as well as Windows DLLs for interfacing with VisualBasic and Visual C, plus other applications.
Drivers are available which allow FTDI devices to work with the following
operating systems:
Windows Vista x64
Windows XP x64
Windows Server 2003 x64
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Windows Server 2003
Windows 2000
Windows ME
Windows 98
Mac OS X
Mac OS 9
Mac OS 8
Windows CE.NET (Version 4.2 and greater)

FT232BM/FT232BL documentation and files are available from their website:

  (USB driver download)  

install usb driver:

(picture 1)

(picture 2)



Note:commonly need install usb driver twice same.

click "my computer"-->"properties"-->"hardware"-->"device manager"-->"ports" can select COM port number. COM3.COM4.COM5.COM6..COM10

(picture 2)

(picture 3)

Note: Please connect the board to the USB port before running PC software.
When finished with used, please shut down PC software before turning off the power to the PCB.Failure to observe these sequences may result in the PC trying to find a USB port that is not there and slow your system down.

Application Notes and how to test this module:
USB to TTL UART Converter,connect circuit:(MCU TX/RX connect PIC/ATMEL/AVR chip UART TTL pin,isn't connect MAX232 TX/RX) , only use four lines can work(+5v,GND,TX,RX). When you want to use the FTDI board you have to connect the RX to the TX of the device, and the TX of the FTDI to the RX of the device. The only way to make the MAX works, the lines between the device and the MAX must be crossed.

this circuit can quick to test FT232 module USB to UART TTL function,module B can use your PIC/ATMEL/AVR board.

2,USB to RS485:
USB to Serial RS485 Converter,this circuit can quick to test FT232 module USB to RS485 function,module B can use your PIC/ATMEL/AVR board.

2,USB to RS232:
alike USB to Serial RS232 Converter cable,.Support RS232 serial interface(DB9),Ideal way to connect RS232 devices: Label Printers, Mobile Phones, Modems, Scanners, Digital Cameras, PDAs etc to a USB port

  you can download software from website 1 or website 2:  
download from website 1 : download from website 2 :
Download usb driver
FT232BM Designers Guide (PDF file)
circuit picture
PCB picture: PCB picture 1 PCB picture 2 PCB picture 3
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